Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Team

The Barnhart team serves a lot of different industries. In some markets, such as Wind and Nuclear Power, we do so much work that we have created specialized teams to work in those markets. However, that does not mean that any of our guys are above pitching in to make sure our customer's work gets done.

The Barnhart Wind Division guys just finished assisting our Lubbock Branch in their first CC 2600 lift at a refinery in Sunray TX. However, our Wind Team wasn't the only ones who pitched in to make this happen. Our Memphis Engineering Group jumped in to help "get 'er done" with the last minute lift plans. The two lifts consisted of 110,000 lbs compressor lift and 55,000 lbs module steel structure at a 89' radius with 98'of main boom and 98' of luffer. Both lifts were made in a live unit with close proximity of multiple acid lines.

In some companies "team work" might be just an over used catch phrase, but Barnhart proves every day that we are truly "One Team."