Monday, January 31, 2011

Blow Down Drum Roll, Please…

TEXAS – Barnhart Crane & Rigging Company completed yet another heavy machinery relocation in March, 2010. A customer tasked Barnhart and its crews to transport a massive Blow Down Drum measuring a grand 62’6” in length, 23’2” in width, and 22’9” in height.

From Houston, the crew needed to move the drum to a Texas dock, from which the barge would meet another Barnhart team in Detroit. And like most Barnhart projects, time was of the essence for the team.

“The piece was due to meet a barge that was coming in from Mexico that had pieces already on it and all items were then headed to Detroit, Mich.,” said project manager James Weston. “Any delay in shipment could be very costly with the barge and tug waiting.”

To speed up project completion, Barnhart devoted special care to route planning and ensured the quickest possible route between transport sites. The due diligence in route planning reduced the mileage in addition to cutting costs in half. In fact, the route the crew used had never been utilized before, and the customer was surprised and impressed that the load quickly cleared all sharp turns, underpasses, railroads, and bridges.

On top of the time constraints, the customer awarded the project to Barnhart at the last minute. Weston and his team quickly made all the necessary arrangements with vendors to expedite the transport.

“We contacted our vendors in a timely manner,” Weston said. “And with the help of the utility companies and other outside agencies, we were able to mitigate obstacles prior to beginning the haul. That left us only having to deal with a minimum set of obstacles.”

Because of Barnhart’s longtime presence in Texas, they have developed strong relationships with the Department of Transportation and other partner companies. For moving the massive drum, those relationships came in rather handy.

“The majority of those companies take the time to meet with us, run the routes, and often suggest better ways to achieve the ultimate goal,” Weston said. “Having a team mentality betters the overall outcome of a project.”

The relationship with the DOT, in particular, allowed Barnhart to quickly obtain the necessary permit for transport, set up all vendor contracts, and meet the barge on time.

Weston likewise noted that having these strong local relationships really gives the customer great confidence in Barnhart’s work.

“It benefits the customer over time by knowing they have companies that work well together as a team and by understanding everyone is there to achieve the same goal,” Weston said.

Barnhart’s industrious planning, its prompt arrangements, and its commercial partnerships weren’t the only impressive aspects of the project, according to Weston. The project illustrated the efficiency and teamwork that Barnhart’s nationwide company has to offer.

“Barnhart has 23 branches across the county,” Weston said. “And every day we work together to ensure that we are doing what we can to help our brethren branches. This job speaks highly to that. Expediting this shipment enabled our Chicago branch to have a successful kick off to their project at Marathon in Detroit.”

James Weston is a project manager at Barnhart’s branch located in Houston, Texas. For contact information, please click here.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

No Short Circuits for Barnhart in Transformer Replacement at Kansas Power Plant

Miserable weather and poor conditions did not thwart Barnhart Crane and Rigging's success when installing a massive 500-ton transformer at a Midwest power plant. Although taking the old transformer out posed no problems, installing the new transformer proved to be quite a challenge.

Fortunately for the power plant and customer, Barnhart loves to take on challenging jobs. Project Manager Bob Possel later explained why this project was so exceptional.

"We typically don't change out 500-ton transformers," Possel said. "I would say the typical transformers that we handle on average are approximately 200 tons."

To unload the Transformer from the Schnabel railroad car, Barnhart employed four 300-ton jacks, pull-up gantries, and a slide system. The staff slid the transformer to a ten line double-wide hydraulic platform trailer. At the request of the owner, the crew staged the component on slide beams so the transformer could be partially dressed out prior to the outage.

During the outage time was saved. A second Barnhart crew mobilized to site to slide the transformer across the road during the night for staging. However, the crew ran into a significant hurdle that tested the team.

"The new transformer was significantly heavier than the old one causing ground bearing issues," Possel said.

To overcome this issue, the team strategically placed additional matting to resolve the problem. Timbers, along with an extra truckload of steel crane mats, provided the timely solution.

Barnhart ultimately completed the project safety and in a reasonable amount of time, all to the satisfaction of the customer.

"The customer was pleased with our services," Possel said. "[He] wants us to replace a similar transformer at another plant."

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