Monday, March 28, 2011

An Unwieldy Dome Did Not Circumvent Barnhart's Efforts to Successfully Complete Removal

Market: DOE

Location: Washington


The Challenge

A customer contracted Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. to remove a containment dome. However, the thin walls of the dome caused the dome to flex and bend during removal, making the project very difficult to complete.


The Solution

The Barnhart team engineered temporary hold-down and tightening brackets to stabilize and easily remove the dome.


The Description

A customer assigned Barnhart to two tasks: removing a containment dome and transporting a polar crane. The dome extended 80 feet in diameter and weighed around 145,000 pounds.

The team conducted a shell analysis on the dome and found the dome to be thin and flimsy. The shell analysis led the team to engineer the appropriate brackets described above and to locate the best rigging attachment points.


Barnhart's subcontractor, Cutting Edge Services, cut the dome using a large wall saw. Once the subcontractor cut the dome, Barnhart used a CC1800 SSL crawler crane to place the dome on the ground.

The team lifted the polar crane to a transporter for shipment. And the customer left the dome on the ground to be cut into pieces for easier shipment.

Although the project lasted several months, Barnhart's expert engineering and well-trained staff finished the project ahead of schedule with no injuries.

Major Equipment Used

  • CC1800 SSL Crawler Crane
  • THP Trailer

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