Monday, April 4, 2011

Despite Difficult Hurdles, Barnhart Races to Quick Finish in Generator Heavy Haul

Market: Power

Location: Tennessee


The Challenge

A customer called on Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co. in the "11th hour" for a heavy haul job, including the transportation of three combustion turbines and three combustion generators. One of the most difficult routes a Barnhart team has ever maneuvered and the need for a quick permit obtainment called for a perfect performance by the company.

The Solution

Barnhart quickly secured the required permits from the State of Tennessee for this difficult job. After quickly obtaining the permits, Barnhart won the job for the original bid value, but that only allowed them to leap the first hurdle in this job.

Next, Barnhart's careful planning, ingenuity, and friendly negotiations helped them save time, secure their routes, make tight turns, and safely navigate steep hills and narrow roadways.

In fact, Barnhart conducted numerous pre-mobilization and operation meetings, in addition to daily job hazard analyses, to successfully complete the job.


The Description

After being called in late by the customer, Barnhart won the bid on the heavy haul job because they quickly secured the required permits while the competitor failed to do so. Friendly relations with the state and a commitment to safety and government guidelines quickly allowed the team to obtain the permits.

The original schedule for the job called for a delivery every ten days. However, the team compressed the schedule to one delivery every seven days to ensure timely completion. This seems even more impressive when one considers the team covered a 74-mile haul route and two cities during every delivery.

The crew faced its first obstacle with a faulty railroad crossing. A careful inspection led to an engineering effort to shore up the bridge, ensuring a safe crossing.

Next, Barnhart negotiated terms with a do-it-yourself car wash because the car wash blocked Barnhart's route on a tight turn. The car wash agreed to demolish the building, and the trailers safely maneuvered the turn. In fact, the road on which the car wash sat was perhaps the tightest road Barnhart has ever had to squeeze through!

The last part of the route included a five percent grade and a road width of nineteen feet. The dolly transport itself stretched just under eighteen feet wide! After numerous meetings and careful transport, the team safely completed the job.

Barnhart's hard work and careful planning ultimately led to an extraordinary achievement with this job. Despite the tight schedule and daunting obstacles, the team managed a near perfect performance!

Major Equipment Used

  • 16- and 20- Line Dolly Transporters

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